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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hole In the Wall - Oh Crap!

Hole in the wall
I can't wait to see this show on the air.
The promo clip is CRAZY!
She really believed that she was going to make it for a moment.

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Diddy has gun drawn on him by police

A cop pulled a gun on rap mogul Sean (Diddy) Combs during a routine traffic stop in Los Angeles, authorities said Sunday.

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy briefly brandished his weapon at Combs on the Sunset Strip after cops pulled over a car driven by a member of his entourage.

“A deputy pulled his firearm, fearing for his safety,” said a sheriff’s department spokesman. “The situation was deflated as quickly as it began.”

Combs spokeswoman Keesha Johnson said the cop did not pull the gun directly on the rapper, and stressed that the officers were “really respectful.”

The trouble started when a member of Combs’ entourage was stopped at 3:15a.m. Saturday after cops noticed the rental car he was driving didn’t have proper tags.

The deputy called for backup after two cars stopped nearby as the deputy searched the vehicle, police said. One member of the group was detained when he became uncooperative, prompting six or seven others - including Combs - to advance toward the deputy, a source said.

The driver was not issued a ticket because the car was a rental, and nobody was hurt in the incident, police said.

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Sitting on top of the world...

The NYC club scene is the SHIT!
Melissa takes a cigarette break enroute to the club, this abandoned bathroom fixture was her throne.

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Kelly Rowland NIKE ad

Kelly Rowland shines in her latest ad for NIKE.
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thomas Jones and Mario Winans Birthday Party

Thomas Jones & Megan Goode
Celebrates the Dirty Thirty in style at HOME in NYC...
Mario Winans
Celebrates with the BEST at his party at CAIN.

The two parties were located at 27th street & on a shared floor space that connected the two venues. This was a truly rare night HOME had DJ Clue on the set & CAIN had DJ Frank Jugga manning the boards. There were moments of flashbacks to the TUNNEL in the mid 90's, it happens when a drink is sipped during the right song.
Ciroc was in HEAVY rotation!!!
Janice Combs
Hit the stage for a special performance.
Happy Birthday T. Jones!!!
DJ Clue, Myko & T. Jones 
Abeba & her friend are all smiles...
Ant Lava!!!
In the DJ Booth...
Conrad Dimanche
The dancing girls pose for a shot with the man of the hour. 
Did you peep that T.J changed his outfit? 
He made the wardrobe change in the midst out the event & reappeared fresh in party mode.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008


I love you & miss you so much...!
I think of my mom everyday of my LIFE.
This is the wildest of day of the year for me. 
I have the death of my mother & the birthday of the mother of my child on the same day. 
Thinking of you...

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dr. Dre mourns the passing of his son

Dr. Dre is in mourning after his son passed away, according to reports.
The body of 20-year-old Andre Young Jr. was found at his Woodland Hills home on Saturday morning August 23rd, 2008.
His mother allegedly found him unresponsive when she checked on him at 10am, and immediately called emergency services.
Young was said to have been out the previous night and returned home at 5.30am.
The cause of death is currently unknown as officials await the results of a post-mortem examination.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Music is my LIFE...

I thru this out there because these joints were on my mind & probably on yours today as well...
Go thru your old tapes/cds/mp3's or whatever & pull out a classic from an eternity ago.

Rain or Shine...
Long live good music...
The blueprint to mainstream music movement.
The power of chronicles that make sense...
Street knowledge becomes ELEVATED!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Model of the Moment

Carmen Alicia

This young lady is a model, R&B singer & a really good friend...
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Rosedale Day at Brookville Park

June Balloon
This BBQ was a great celebration of friends & community.
June Balloon along with The Queens Allstars thru the BIGGEST kid friendly day at Brookville park celebrating Rosedale Day in Queens NYC.

Sponsored by Assemblywoman Michele Titus...

Harve Pierre loves the kids...
31st A.D. Assemblywoman Michele Titus was on hand with the kids celebrating this great day in the park.

June Balloon, DJ Big Kap & Assemblywoman Michele Titus
This was a real treat for the youth of this community, great way to celebrate the last days of summer.
Family, friends & community came together for a day of FUN!
Walter came thru with his lil man...

Mr Cheeks
Lost Boyz were in the park celebrating Rosedale Day.
Brookville park was a great place to be, everyone made a new friend...

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The BlackBerry Luxe Club Series NYC

Beverly Bond works her magic on the 1 & 2's...

DJ Price
Team Facelift
Allen Fonda, Machine & Fat Jew were ready to get their collective swerve on...

Alesha Renne - BET
Twin Ricky & Lambo
Welcome to the BlackBerry Luxe party, housed at the newly renovated Country Club on 14th street.

DJ Beverly Bond & Bizarre Royale

The ladies in attendance were beautiful & tastefully dressed. It was like a veritable evening on the set of Sex And The City. 

The guys gave the party a big thumbs up!!!
HenRoc & Beverly Bond
This was a FUN friday night!

Alesha Renee & Ra-fael Blanco
Donald & Rome
Here's what I love to see in a party, a smiling face & a warm embrace. This certifies a successful event. Thank you to the entire staff at BlackBerry & Harlot Unlimited for putting together this wonderful event.

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