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Friday, May 30, 2008

Aubrey O'Day J'Adore magazine party

This was a FUN night...

Congrats on the cover Aubrey!!!
Aubrey O'Day
Support that Welcome to the Dollhouse album....
Welcome to the Dollhouse in stores NOW!!!

She is on some real cool out down to earth mode. 
It's like catching up with a long time friend from back in the days. 

Harve Pierre - President of Bad Boy Ent.

Party time!
Adina Howard & yours truly...
If only you could see the thoughts going on in my head at this moment. 
The subliminal messages in her music is DOPE!!!
She was talking that SEXINESS on another level in the beginning of the 90's GOOD music era.

Adina Howard - Nasty Grind Dutch Lab USA

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sex and the City NYC Premiere at Radio City Music Hall

Sex And The City
The New York City premiere at Radio City Music Hall was amazing!!!
NYC Fans from all walks of life came to support there favorite SATC personalities.
Chris Noth LOVES the people

The people LOVE Mr.Big...
Jerry Seinfeld
Gulianna Depandi - E News
Andre Leon Talley - Vogue
He totally remembered me from fashion week & he was all smiles.
Christian Siriano & Model

DJ Seiko

DJ Seiko

We got a chance to check my homegirl DJ Seiko handle the turntables last night at Body uptown.
Seiko looks DOPE, can spin & likes the SOUR...


Gotta love that...

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Media Fake Out
Dutch lab USA - Original

Kevin Lyles & Angel Lola Love


They CROPPED the DAMN image, the problem with that is when you crop an image it changes the scale & dimensions from the original version.
Their version is scaled down & compressed while my ORIGINAL is from my server & published from the date of the event.

Now it's personal...
The problem with stealing images off www.DutchLabUSA.com site is that the person / company taking the image is stealing copyrighted material.
Then putting it out as your property with your name on top of it is THEFT!!!

Check for yourself...
They ripped this image from the Terrence J B-Day Party at Prime 

It's CRAZY that MTO talks about people & they are constantly building there stories off of other peoples good work...

MTO you're WACK!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Estelle LIVE at Tenjune

Estelle & Micah Jesse
Can you tell that we have a thing for GOOD music...?
Tenjune was a PACKED house into the wee hours of the morning
Champagne Magnums & CAKE
That makes for a tasty party...
Alisandra (OK Magazine) & Willem (TMZ) hold on to their LOVE...
A lovely patygoer & Jose Perez focus for the lens...
Beautiful people & friends make a beautiful night...
Check out Willem, his shirt was off the meters.
It reads: "I'm not a Doctor but I'll take a look."
Willem, Michelle & Micah are the epitome of having FUN in the CLUB...
Love to see you SMILE!!!

Happy Birthday MICHELLE!!!
Check Micah...

Landon Pigg at Banana Republic, NYC

Landon Pigg LIVE
Landon Pigg has a great voice & a wonderful presentation.
Shopping with an attentive & welcoming staff at the Banana Republic at Rockerfeller Center 50th & 5th ave.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Estelle at R&B Live

Aubrey & Teyanna Taylor check out the show...
Feeling it...
Estelle & Lyor Cohen
D-Woods, Micah, Aubrey & Teyanna Taylor are in GREAT spirits...
Drew Fraser & Esttelle
Mike Kayser
Marsha is all smiles...
Joe Romulus
I went to high school with this dude & then we all end up working in the entertainment industry in some capacity.
You have to love Hard work & Determination.
This is my TUNE...
Mike Kyser & Tocorra Jones get there dance on...
Thomas Jones was in the mix with his new artist...
Estelle is DOPE!!!
Copping a NICE feel...
The classic stairwell turnaround shot.
Tiffany Evans is all GROWN up...
Khalilah Raheem
We grew up in the industry together from the original Bad Boy Entertainment 19th street office...
Still doing GREAT!

Two words!!!
I'm GONE!!!
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