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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chelsea Lately goes in on T.I

Chelsea Lately was getting at T.I or TIP from the JUMP!

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Isiah Thomas got wasted & partied at the hospital

Isiah Thomas

I know that DRUGS can do strange things to the brain...

But how do you make a statement saying it wasn't you treated by the EMS on the scene?
They document that type of thing the minute they arrive on the scene...
Yet you're the one administered treatment of oxygen, NOT your daughter as you said...?

Isiah Thomas was taken to White Plains Hospital and is still there right now. His condition is unknown, but he is alive.

What makes you want to party that hard?
The recession seems to be on everyone's mind these days it seems...

The Daily News says he took 10 prescription sleeping pills.

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Jennifer Hudson god bless you

Jennifer Hudson

My condolences to Jennifer Hudson on the brutal loss of her mother & brother.
Darnell Donerson, 57, and Jason Hudson, 29, were gunned down in a home on the South Side of Chicago on Friday, according the the Chicago Police Department. Authorities are also searching for a 7-year-old boy, believed to be Hudson's nephew, who is missing from the scene.
I'm saddened that the outcome was so vicious.
She did not deserve to have her family taken away from her in that manner.

In times of great loss comes brilliance & creativity...

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Lyfe Jennings are you kidding me?

Lyfe Jennings

He went crazy & ran from the police.

This is end result of his decision!
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Matt Dillon gets the cover of Black Book

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Palin, Bush and McCain equals Three Times DOPE!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Barack Obama - YES WE MUST

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Andre J - Model of the Moment

Andre J

I shot this image from my car while I was driving, check out the composition...
I spotted Andre J on his phone on 34th street dressed fresh as usual...

Peep the instant pose & eye contact on his part.

This maybe the reason behind his continued success in the fashion world.

The fringe jacket & big bulky matching color bag were making female onlookers jealous.
The gold accent on the buckle of the jacket is a fresh update not seen for a moment in fashion.
Andre J

He is literally everywhere!!!

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Amy Poehler saved Sarah Palin WACK appearance on SNL

Amy Poehler is DOPE she stepped up last night & took it to THEM in a RAP session...

She spits HOT FIRE...

Sarah Palin made the intro to SNL the DRIEST in the HISTORY of the show to date!!!

Tina Fey getting the word from Alec Baldwin that the real Sarah Palin was there is HILARIOUS.

Tina Fey sneaking off tip toe style as she walked passed Palin was GENIUS.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sarah Palin is doing SNL to Shuck & Jive

It's going to be a beer swilling weekend...
The hockey mom/Maverick lover is heading to SNL to get some comedy relief going.

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Pharrell Williams is having a BOY!

Pharrell was recently overheard at Mr.West bragging to friends about the sex of his baby.

It's a BOY!

We may not know who the model is that is carrying the baby at the moment. The only thing that is known is that she is a MIAMI native & is REALLY pregnant.

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Mark Walberg: I'm going to crack Adam Samberg's Big Fuc%ing Nose

Wake up with a SMILE!!!

SNL will be another interesting episode...

Mark Walberg promises to Jimmy Kimmel that he will make Adam Samberg forgive him for the premeditated assault.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eminem - The Way I Am - book release party

The latest work by EMINEM is "The Way I Am" a book based on his LIFE...

The man of the hour, he looks like he's a teenager in the face. He hasn't aged a bit & the time off seems to have been good to him. You know he's been voted the "Best M.C" for 2008 by Vibe magazine.

NORT sneaker shop opened up there retail space for the event & housed some great faces that came out to support EMINEM.

Jessica Rosenblum
This lady only works with the BEST!!!
That's why I worked for her when I was learning the entertainment business & she continues to show LOVE. How many people can make that statement after working with someone & than moving on to another company? She's done the impossible for her clients and made it a reality on many levels.

Michael K. Williams
The star of the WIRE, Lackwana Blues & on the big screen in "The Miracle At St. Ann".

Luis Guzman
He is a native new yorker from L.E.S & he makes people want to continue rooting for him. He did his thing Carlitos Way one of my top movies.

Dennis White
Lookout for the new BIG inspired movie "NOTORIOUS" Dennis will be playing the part of D-Rock the man behind the Junior Mafia crew.

Datwon Thomas
Datwon Thomas, Editorial Director of KING, is the new Editor-in-chief of XXL, he wears his many hats well...
The magazines have been stepping up every issue with something fresh & new.

Danyel Smith
The Vibe Editor is beautiful & intelligent with a real passion for her work. Vibe has named eminem the Best Rapper of the Year & she came to show support for the artist that she believes in.

LL Cool J

Sha Money XL
The man behind the boards, he has created some of your favorite music with some of your favorite artist. Going all over the world working with the BEST is what he does, want to know more... GET FAMILIAR!

The Haitian Barry White / Barry Gordy of making money!!!
This dude is branding genius & will continue to formulate & execute ingenous packages to express his creative side & making $ at the same time...

Marc Labelle, VP of A&R and Marketing Director at Shady Records & Sacha Jenkins the author of The Way I Am.

Kid Kudi

If you don't know GET FAMILIAR!!!

DJ Lord Sear & Alvon Miller
The epitome of elite dj's that deserve more credit in the industry, check him out on Shade 45 The Drunken Mix show it's CRAZY. Alvon Miller is a exec at Shady Records & owns Burn It Down Music. Alvon handles the day to day interest of the artist & from beginning to end.

The Way I Am...

You know you started watching 8 MILE again for a fix of EMINEM that's been missing in your life.


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50 Cent Reality show

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Olivia Munns Dances with Dead Fish

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marc Jacobs still likes his ex

Marc Jacobs

Marc seems to still be hung up on his ex-boyfriend Jason Preston.

Marc & Jason together in this last known pic of the two together prior to the break up...
The Louis Vuitton designer went to the Angelika the other night to see Woody Allen's "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" with his latest arm candy, Lorenzo Martone, who seemed more subservient than Jacobs' former boyfriend, rent-boy Jason Preston. "Marc was in charge of him," our spy smirked of Martone, who carried Jacobs' man-purse and sat where the runway designer told him to.

But Jacobs still seems to be hung up on Preston, who's now dating Michael Levine - brother of Maroon Five lead singer Adam Levine - and "Marc is jealous of their relationship." When the couple showed up to Preston's "Wild & Wild Wednesday" party at Porky's recently, "Marc was glaring at them," said our tipster. "Jason and Michael are really in love and Marc is still meddling in his ex's life." Levine had no comment; Preston and Jacobs didn't re turn calls and e-mails.

This is all too much for my ears...


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Diddy does a car upgrade


Diddy KNOWS upgrade!
Out with the old & in with the money for the new.

This might be all part of the birthday move for this year, you know the cash will be invested in a new V down the line.
He dumped his 2004 Rolls-Royce Phantom - but it wasn't because he's feeling the economic pinch. Diddy's wheels sold for $200,000 last week at the Dancy Power Automotive Group's showroom on Lenox Avenue in Harlem.

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Rihanna gets NAKED for German FHM


This is a flashback, but I really wanted to post these joints...


I'm LOVING the wet look...

Peep the BADGIRL ring...

Nice backshot!!!

I LOVE her LOVELY lady lumps...!

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Amy Winehouse Cotton Candy Cocaine

Amy Winehouse seems to have a new fix...
Cocaine coated cotton candy is the new way to get SUPER sexy HIGH!!!

Winehouse, 25, was introduced to the cotton candy and cocaine combination when Babyshambles guitarist Mik Whitnall mixed the drug into a batch as a joke.

According to News of the World, “He and some pals sprinkled a wrap of coke into the mixture and Amy started eating it before she realized what they’d done. She now thinks it’s a hoot to do the same.”

Give a hoot don't pollute...

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Wrestling is interesting again

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Alicia Silverstone gets naked for PETA

This is a GREAT AD!!!

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50 Cent - Blood on the Sand finds new publisher for future release

50 Cent - Blood on the Sand

"Blood on the Sand” has found a new home with publisher THQ and is officially back on the release schedule. With the rights to the game, three days ago THQ filed for a ratings board claim with the Australian Classification Board which gave the game a MATURE 15+ (strong violence and coarse language, sexual and drug references) rating.

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Audrina Patridge in Maxim magazine

Audrina Patridge

Her lovely lady lumps are the main focus of this shoot!

I'm not mad!

But the girl is just a pair of FAUX BOOBS & no personality.
I get bored after I look at her chest & I see nothing else after that.


Where's Panmela Anderson?

Pamela Anderson was a FUN chick & knew how to make those BODACIOUS tatas & that face work for her.

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Butter for Better eyes?

Netra Basti is an Ayurvedic treatment that uses ghee (clarified butter) to cure ailments like strained vision, itchiness, dryness, and even glaucoma.

A ring of flour dough is placed over one eye at a time, then slightly warm ghee is poured in. As you open your lid, the slippery substance bathes your optic nerve. It sounds scary, but it works by nourishing and lubricating the deep connective tissues of the eye.

This is the place to go for this treatment...

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Model of the Moment


The DJ, Designer & Fashionista...
She's an all around coolout lady, hailing from London but works her djing in the best spots all over the world.

She's a woman to watch...

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Alicia Keys wants a break from music to focus on acting career

Alicia Keys

No, I need a break, dammit,” Keys told NY Daily News when asked if she’s working on her next album. Instead she is focusing on her newest movie The Secret Life of Bees which comes out this Friday and is based on the best-selling book.

“I just fell in love with it. It’s a beautiful story, one not often told about this time in the civil rights movement,” said Keys. “I just felt you knew the people in that book.”

Alicia Keys made folks look at her in a whole new light in Smoking Aces & she going strong for future roles. Alicia secured a multi-million dollar film production deal with Disney under the Big Pita, Little Pita Productions name. Two films are currently planned for production under her deal which are Catfish and Bell Book and Candle and are due for a 2009 and 2010 release date. She's working hard for the money she can sing on her projects & make bank in the film industry.

Great move...

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Project Runway Knocks Off Alexander McQueen Feather Wedding Dress.

Project Runway Knocks Off Alexander McQueen Feather Wedding Dress.

I watched the show & I saw exactly what Michael Kors spotted in Kenleys creation.

The dress by Kenley has a great structure & flows really well on the runway. Yet let's not take away from the original creation by Alexander McQueen which truly is breathtaking & the inspiration.

I see the similarities & the differences as well.

From my perspective the bodice on the McQeen dress is longer, sinched at the waist & the base of the body is less simetrical. The bodice of Kenley's dress is shorter sinched at the mid rib area and with a very structured base body. The accents on Kenley's dress are very clean & made for RTW. The McQueen design is more of an avant garde thought & demands a very committed individual to wear it.

It all depends how you rock it at the end of the day...

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Monday, October 13, 2008


There's no such thing as good publicity...


Village Pet Store & Charcoal Grill the displays include Chicken McNuggets slurping up barbecue sauce, breaded fish sticks floating in a fishbowl, and hot dogs baking under heat lamps in aquariums.

This is a CRAZY use of imagery & imagination...

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Nike Air Royal Premium Mid

The Nike Air Royal Premium Mid is an upcoming release from Nike for 2009.

NIKE is the first pair of footwear that ever touched my baby girls feet...
The feeling is mutual with the people from NIKE!!!

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