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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kim Kardashian - Life and Style

Kim Kardashian

100% unretouched photo shoot of Kim Kardashian.

Kim says, “I have cellulite, so what!”

After being called fat, Kim declares, ‘This is the real me, I love my body. You should love yours too.”

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kim Kardashian back to BLACK

Kim Kardashian

She went back to her natural ROOTS...

Insert joke here...

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Kate Winslet is SEXY in the CITY!

Kate Winslet

She is SEXY!!!

I've said this of her numerous times!!!

Now everyone else seems to be catching on to her ASSETS!!!

A Page Six spy saw the 33-year-old Oscar winner walking down Sixth Avenue at 26th Street the other day with a male friend, "wearing working-out gear. Two high-school guys, who had no idea who she was, were totally hitting on her. They followed her to Seventh Avenue and kept commenting on her big, hot booty and how sexy she was." But the composed mother of two "completely ignored them," our witness said.

She is a REAL beauty!!!

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Kim Kardashian is SEXY with lighter locks

Kim Kardashian

Strolling thru SOHO she shows off her lighter hair & makes lots of tongue wag.
Keep up the good work KIM!

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Heidi & Spencer Pratt, are MARRIED officially!

Spencer & Heidi Pratt

Early Saturday, the couple arrived at the church in a white Rolls Royce Phantom. Before the ceremony, an airplane flew overhead and wrote “Spencer loves Heidi” in the sky.

The wedding & all the preparation will be aired most likely.

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Britney TAMPON is showing!!!


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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beyonce is Obsessed


From the reviews & the trailer this movie is a major BRICK!

Wait for a DVD release!!!

$28 Million, for the opening weekend release?!?!?

Who the HELL went to see this disaster?
Are people that desperate to see a shot of BEYAWNCE???
To all you folks who wasted your money I say HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I went to see the "Little Mermaid" on Broadway with the family & had a great weekend!!!

It's a RECESSION, don't waste your hard earn money on BASURA!!!

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Katy Perry is Esquire magazine SEXY

Katy Perry Pictures
Katy Perry


Katy Perry Pictures
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Denise Richards is DELICIOUS

Denise Richards Pictures
Denise Richards

Just because the weather is as BEAUTIFUL as she is...

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sacha Baron Cohen - BRUNO poster

Sacha Baron Cohen

He is CRAZY LOL!!!


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Nylon Magazine & NIKE Callabo

Dee & Ricky

NYLON Magazine & NIKE

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World Malaria Day - Get Involved

World Malaria Day

A real cause to stand up for!!!

Make your VOICE heard, so that they may have a voice in the future...

Saturday, April 25th... just 615 days before our December 31, 2010 deadline to achieve universal access to malaria prevention and treatment tools in Africa.

The malaria community is focused on Counting Malaria Out, this World Malaria Day's global theme. Help us reach our goal and meet our deadline!

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Nat King Cole - Lush Life Video

Music Videos - Video Playlists - New Music
Nat King Cole - Lush Life

This is pure dopeness!!!

You have to see this!!!


The groove of the actual record is such a beautiful flow of pure symmetry...


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Keri Hilson - Knock you down

Music Videos - Video Playlists - New Music
Keri Hilson

This girl is GORGEOUS!!!

Her eyes are amazing, plus she's truly easy on the EYES!

Oh yeah Neyo & Kanye are in the video too LOL!!!

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Kanye West - Street Lights

Music Videos - Video Playlists - New Music
Kanye Street Lights (Unofficial)

He needs to cut this kid a check though...

Great sequencing of the storyline!

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Paris Hilton for Guess

Paris Hilton

The dog looks miserable, check out the look on it's face...

Reminds me of someone smelling something FOUL!!!

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Audrina Patridge is PETA angel

Audrina Patridge


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Gorillaz Go BananaZ the MOVIE

gorillaz-documentary Bananaz - A Documentary On Gorillaz
Click the BANANA to watch the whole movie here...

This incredible film, “Bananaz” removes the secretive, mucky walls of Gorillaz, the cartoon band created by artist Jamie Hewlett & musician Damon Albarn, smashing down all artificial barriers to reveal the full and filthy details behind this awe-inspiring band. Audiences see just what director Ceri Levy saw over seven years of mayhemical creative madness… a lot of it too graphic for mortal eyes to behold…Bananaz is Levy's story of the partnership & community behind Gorillaz. He takes you into the studio and out onto the road with this virtual phenomenon, showing a part of Gorillaz never seen before - reality. As one radio interviewer puts it, "It's a parallel universe - these guys aren't in the band but they know the animated characters who are". Bananaz is an honest, often hilarious account of the working relationship between Albarn & Hewlett, and the rise to success with Gorillaz - from the initial embryonic conception through to global domination. Also in focus are many of the conspirators & collaborators that came along for the ride, including Dennis Hopper, De la Soul, D12, Ibrahim Ferrer, Bootie Brown, Dangermouse & more. Contains strong language. WARNING: Some footage in this film includes a strobing effect, which may affect viewers with photo-sensitive epilepsy and other such conditions.

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Lindsay Price strolls in the city

Lindsay Price

I tried to catch up and keep pace with Lindsay as she strolled in West Village.
The Lipstick Jungle actress, looked cute as jaunted down the streets of NYC. She spoke on the phone with a friend as I interviewed her.

We had a really pleasant conversation & than we went our separate ways.

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Mariska Hargitay is looking GOOD in Health Magazine

Mariska Hargitay

She looks GREAT!!!

I've always liked her on screen & the fact that she is a natural beauty makes it more FUN!

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Hugh Jackman is the coolest

Hugh Jackman: Click to watch
Hugh Jackman

He is the worlds coolest dad!

He has no problem showing his love for his family & his wonderful wife. She will be getting some special attention this Mother's Day.

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Alicia Keys Sun tanning YUM!

Just because it's a sunny day I had to get this shot out to the masses!!!

Get out there & enjoy the weather folks...

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Beatrice "Bea" Arthur - Rest In Peace

Beatrice "Bea" Arthur (May 13, 1922 – April 25, 2009)

An American icon that will truly be missed...

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Rick Ross - In Cold Blood Video

Music Videos - Video Playlists - New Music

The funeral service is the ultimate in disrespect...

50 went all out with Rick's baby mother now this is his REVENGE!

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Samuel L Jackson says Knock Woody out!

Samuel L. Jackson: Click to watch
Samuel L.Jackson

Click here for the TV version of this interview which is 10 times funnier!!!

I was told by Sam Jack personally that I should have BEAT DOWN Woody Harrelson for putting his hands on me...

That's true if I was off duty & not doing my job at the time of the incident.

The fact is that if I had put my hands on Harrelson, I would have been in jail. Plus nowhere in my career, due to the fact I would have been in JAIL.

The low brow mentality of some folks is amazing to me, yet the fact is I have better things to think about going forward.

So to all the ASSHOLES out there that feel that they would have handled the situation different are just that...

I'm everywhere, and you're never there!!!

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Chili looks DELICIOUS


She looks DELICIOUS!!!

What more can I say?

Well maybe this, I have to be a realist in the fact that she looks GREAT with or without make up.

But this girl has been looking good since TLC first started out back in the days.

Chili makes me want some DASANI water all over her...

Chili is & always has been the CUTE one besides Left Eye (Rest In Peace).

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Nadja Benaissa is spreading HIV

Nadja Benaissa

Nadja Benaissa was getting ready with her pop group "No Angels" to represent Germany in the Eurovision song contest.

Now the 26-year-old is in police custody.

German state prosecutors are accusing the star of having unprotected sex with three men without telling them she was HIV positive. German media say one of the men has been infected.

The singer could be charged with grievous bodily harm.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Michelle Obama is sexy in J Crew

Michelle Obama

The first lady makes everything look good to wear, especially because of the price & colorwave.
She hosted the "Take your child to work day" & had a large audience of youth that wanted to see her.
This whole event took place in Washington, D.C...

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Matthew Stafford Number 1 Draft pick

Matthew Stafford: Click to watch
Matthew Stafford

Everything is good with the NFL #1 Draft pick...

Nice down home ATL boy!

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Beyonce on David Letterman


Whatever she's called she's still BOOTYLICIOUS at least...
Maybe she needs some soothing tea & a timeout out?!?!

No way her tour kicks off in a hot sec, PROMO TIME!!!

Are you going to the show in NYC after seeing this?


David Letterman must not really listen to the LIVE show or something...
I'm guessing he leaves the staging area for a bathroom break or something...

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Denise Richards Funbags are SWEET!

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Kim Kardashian speaks her mind on Miss California

Kim Kardashian

She has something to say regarding Miss California Carrie Prejean debacle...

“I don’t agree with her narrow mindedness and neither do a lot of people,” Kardashian, 28, told People. “I’m not so narrow-minded so I definitely think a lot broader. Everyone has the right to be happy and be treated equally and I think not allowing gay marriage just kind of puts us back.”

Adds Kardashian, “I believe you’re in love with who you’re in love with, and you should be able to marry them. No one should tell someone else how to think or how to feel.”

“I obviously have a completely different opinion but I think her answer was true to her,” Kardashian says. “That answer represented her and how she felt. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. She stood up for what she believes in so she should be happy with that backlash.”

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Britney Spears - Hair today gone tomorrow

Brit Brit

Britney Spears had a little hair malfunction & kept it moving during her live show...

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Lauren Conrad on Letterman

Lauren Conrad

She tells the masses her thoughts on the Speidi Wedding & why she's not attending the shin dig...

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Keysha Cole speaks on her relationship status

Keysha Cole

She is not dating no damn MAINO...

In response to the rumor about superstar R&B Artist Keyshia Cole dating rapper Maino, which has been floating around the ‘Net, I, Manny Halley would like all the bloggers to personally know that there is no truth to this rumor. Keyshia and Maino do not have a personal relationship at all. Keyshia is gearing up for her headlining tour with Dream, Keri and Bobby Valentino, working on a script for her biopic and working in the studio nightly on her 4th studio release, which is slated for December 2009.” Keyshia is too busy right now for a relationship to slow her down. But rest assured that she is involved in a love triangle with her, herself and her money.

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Jennifer Hudson is Pregnant?

Jennifer Hudson

She might be PREGGERS...!

I'm keeping my eyes on this one definite...

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Terrence Howard and Channing Tatum in NYC

Terrence & Tatum: Click to watch

Press junkets must be more for fun for Terrence than Channing...

Dude wants to be part of the BLACK community...

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hugh Jackman makes his mark

Hugh Jackman

He put his hand in the cement to preserve his mark in the acting world.

The world & his peers honoring him at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on April 21, 2009 in Hollywood, California

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Heidi & Seal - Baby number 4 US Weekly

The couple are happy & expecting their newest baby to enter the world...

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Paul McCartney at Coachella

Paul McCartney

This rendition of George Harrison "Something" by Paul McCartney was an incredible homage to a former bandmate & friend.

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Mel Gibson love interest

Oksana Pochepa

Mel Gibson has been receiving VOCALS from the 24-year-old Russian beauty...

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kim Kardashian is Sunburned

Kim Kardashian

Sunburned and getting joked on by her boyfriends homies is the price you pay.

Who wears sunglasses while sunbathing & falls asleep at that?!?!

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Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Holiday the video

Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Holiday

Dreamgirls coming to life in the form of two great ladies...

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Kanye West - Louis Vuitton Ad

Kanye West

The self proclaimed Louis Vuitton Don is getting paid for it now...

Kanye & girlfriend Amber Rose showed her assets as always, while showcasing some $1,000 footwear...

Were in a recession!!!

Wake up and smell the throw off...!

Are you kidding me?!?

For some damn sneakers?

I'll stick to my NIKE classics, thanks but no thanks...

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Lady GaGa - Just Dance the video

Lady GaGa

X marks the spot...!

Gaga leaving Bungalow 8 nightclub at 3 am with her trademark glasses and a pair of x-crossed boobs in London, England

Just Dance

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Evan Rachel Wood is GQ Sexy

Evan Rachel Wood

She dated Marilyn Mansion & still comes out of the situation looking GORGEOUS!!!

Look at that fiery hair!!!

GREAT use of contrast between the wall & the carpet...

She look resplendent in this position.

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Jamie Foxx to Miley Cyrus - I Apologize!!!

Jamie said, she needs "to get a gum transplant ... make a sex tape ... do some heroin,"

Now Jamie is trying to make the apology stick...

Going on Jay Leno & making this statement...

"I so apologize ... and this is sincere," he said, after taking a few deep breaths. "I am a comedian, and you guys know that whatever I say, I don't mean any of it."

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Lisa Rinna is Playboy Babe

Lisa Rinna


I knew her body was looking good, but I didn't know it was playboy GOOD!?!

Lisa Rinna makes TOO many images come to mind...

BJ's R US...
Licking ice cream on a hot summer day...
Standing at a bus stop sucking on a lollipop...

But the best right now is the one told to me by Joan Rivers.

She said, one time a friend of hers used Lisa Rinnas lips for protection from the sun one a hot summer day...

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Selita Ebanks is DELICIOUS!!!

Selita Ebanks

I LOVE to see her SMILE or NOT SMILE!!!

I just like seeing her!!!

Grey Gardens event & she looks radiant in this outfit with the snakeskin shoes to give the dress more pop...

This young woman is stepping out & making her presence known.

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Eminem is XXL Cover boy


Is ready to PUNISH the masses once again...

It's going to e verbal wordplay between him & numerous M.C's...

I look forward to it.

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