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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Online activities come back to haunt you

This is the way to spice up your so called relationship with your fuck buddy. Sending pics of your coochalotta for him to peep as he request more pussy shots. Then when you and dude start getting shady with one another, this is where you end is ONLINE.
The pics and those online video chat sessions late night become public knowledge for the world to see.
Videotaping an online chat session is EASY for someone to do while your on IChat or Skype these days. Your cellphone is a virtual spy kit for the right moments and shots to be captured and shared with others.

Enjoy those private moments and look forward to being exposed for what you make yourself to look like when you spread your goods for the world to see.

What's done behind closed doors will soon be brought to light...

TRUST that...

All comments are welcome...

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