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Monday, August 15, 2011

Part Time Parents

The PTP is a real issue...

For the most part some folks are into doing their own thing that they want to do and end up putting their kids on the back burner. So I'm a SINGLE dad that cares for his daughter with little to NO assistance from anyone. I have an understanding with the mother of my child. Yet the problem comes around EVERY week. She finds a NEW PARTY somewhere out there that she HAS to be at or some new whoever that sparks attention that needs to be addressed by her. So I'm constantly with my daughter and caring for her. I have no issues taking care of my lil one and I LOVE being with her. I take her to work with me and do my work proactively and effectively. Yet when there's something pressing that needs to be addressed on my end I have no support that can come and watch her for me. Her mother is off doing her thing and I'm on my own looking for a way to take care of my work and take care of her at the same time. I feel that her mother is taking her liberties and throwing off the responsibility of caring for her child.

If this was reversed I would be getting called all types of fucked up names and I wouldn't be shit because I wasn't stepping up to my responsibilities.


All comments are welcome...

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that's true, outside of the fact that she would probably be spiteful and take you to court and get child support just because... When you can't depend on a woman to do her motherly duties something is totally off with that women..

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