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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Heidi Klum takes her kids for a stroll in Beverly Hills

Ok so here's Heidi and her kids running around the city late afternoon yesterday. I popped up on her and she was surprisingly in a good mood in this shot. I shot her a few days ago going to the movies with my daughter to see Puss and Boots and spotted her and shot her before going to the theatre and then took my baby to the play area. This woman made the decision to tell her kids not to play with mine due to the fact I'm a PAPARAZZI. I saw this happen and I called over my daughter in French and told her to get herself together to leave immediately. I then told Klum that she is a HORRIBLE individual and that the kids have nothing to do with it. There was NO need to take it to that level. I have my child involved the BEST things in the world for her education and social life so she sees celebs and their kids always. This stupidity from Heidi Klum was DISGUSTING!
I take photos of her that keep her relevant, aside from having a past tense modeling career and Project Runway you only see her name highlighted as a mom these days. I never knocked this lady yet this interaction showed me her true colors.
I work to care for my little one and be a good father and no one and their nasty ways is going to stop me from getting the job done.

So here's the other shot I sold of her rolling about...

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