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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are REUNITED and a BEAUTIFUL couple...

We love these two as a couple. 

Yes, they were engaged and called it off, yes she caught an assault charge for beating on him, yes they work together on American Horror story. But look at them though, they LOVE one another and enjoy each other even through all the ups and down in their relationship. They have yet to give up on one another. Everyone has a rocky past and now they are working on getting to know one another better. Even though the wedding is off the LOVE is still there and they are building to be stronger as a couple. 

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Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian in one day and minutes apart...

Kim Kardashian displays her baby bump in a form fitting dress after lunch in Beverly Hills.  The mother to be for a second time looks amazing and she doesn't shy away from the sexy. 

Khloe Kardashian picks up a salad at Urth Cafe in Melrose and does some furniture shopping afterwards.  The fitness routine she keeps looks great, she's focused on her regiment and the results look amazing. 

When the Kardashians go to dinner it's an event...

Kylie, KimYe and Kourtney all step out to the same spot for dinner at Craig's in WeHo. We all stand at attention and lookout for the best angle to capture the moment.  


Her man may have left her but she has not stopped looking HOT. This woman is scorching hot since becoming single and has made to sure to let the cameras see her front and center. 

MILF is what she is...

Demi Lovato is a great young lady who loves her fans

Demi Lovato... 

I've seen this young lady grow into an amazing human being with a kind heart and a beautiful attitude to match. One of the nicest young ladies I've had the pleasure of photographing over the years. 

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are DONE with their relationship

Kourtney, Scott and Mason are over and they signs have been there for a LONGTIME people are speculating. The relationship is a WRAP, this picture is from 2010 in NYC shows them out as a family in the early stages. She wants nothing to do with him due to the fact pics of him with another woman came out. 

Kelly Rowland looks fit and beautiful in PEOPLE magazine

Looking GOOD Kelly... 
Were happy to see you become the woman you want to be, a great mother, artist and actress. Look forward to more great things for you in the future. 

BANKSY - Love Sick


LOVE SICK is one of the coolest artist to make visuals for the world to of my generation. I'm in awe of this mans mind and with all forms of ART more and more on a daily basis. Picasso, Monet, Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh are the staples of the art world. Yet for a person like BANKSY to give life to graffiti and making people stand up and pay attention is beyond inspiring. 


Monday, June 29, 2015

Angelina Jolie is a great mother with an amazing family

Angelina is one of the GREATEST mothers in the world, I really enjoy seeing her interact with her kids and being just a mother. Her career is flying high at all times and now her directing skills are matching on screen success. We here at DutchLabUSA welcome seeing more from her and her growing family unit.  

NOTE: Being married to Brad Pitt is also a PLUS for the household needs as well. LOL...

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Kelly Rowland is a beautiful new mother

Kelly is a beautiful new mother and her son Titan is a healthy little man she had with her husband Tim Witherspoon.  On this day she went furniture shopping and running errands out and about the city.

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Selena Gomez in Beverly Hills after lunch at Mr. Chow

Selena is seen after lunch and is all smiles as she cools off with a cold pressed juice. I love seeing her like this and enjoying her life. She's releasing new music upcoming and working on growing her brand. 

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Elle Fanning is an AMAZING representative of the image shift of young Hollywood

Elle carries herself like a young lady at all times, her looks are always fresh and youthful. I love the way she keeps herself in her lane and doesn't try to make herself look older than needed. I respect her as an actress and as young lady that my daughter can look up to emulate. I've watched her evolve and grow in the right manner not going out her way to be someone she's not in her life or career choices. 

Kim Kardashian grows her family with the impending birth of her son

The beauty of creating and raising children to become great little human beings is the blessing of building a family. Her family with Kanye West will grow with the birth of their son upcoming. The couple are doing wonders raising their first born daughter North West, whose a happy, healthy and beautiful young lady.
 We wish the BEST for the WEST family and their wonderful gift that will enter their world.

Harry Styles is spotted strolling in West Hollywood

Harry Styles is the main man of One Direction and he makes taking his photo easy work as seen here. The frontman took the time to get a bite to eat as he's seen here fixing his hair. Harry wears slim dark jeans, grey t-shirt with tan ankle boots. 

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner are building a FUN fashion EMPIRE

Kylie is chic and edgy with her look and is a sweet girl...
 Kendall and Kylie are making moves together and on their own in their respective fields, with Kendall being a model and Kylie being a fashionista they compliment one another very well. Their collaborative deal for PacSun and TopShop for their own brand Kendall and Kylie is a major success for them and the retailers.
The sisters love to be together and have fun with one another as seen here on a yogurt run outing in Beverly Hills.  
Yet whether Kylie is solo or with her family or her friend Mia Pia she looks confident and BEAUTIFUL. She showcases a street chic style that is favored by throngs of her followers and fans. 

Khloe Kardashian is looking FIT after her workout

Looking GREAT KHLOE...!!!
That was what we said to her as she exited the venue and cracked this smile for us.

Ali Larter looks great in WHITE in Beverly Hills

Ali is my favorite star from HEROES, I'm hoping to see her on the new installment of the show. She dated the Big Black Haitian and I swear the fact that was the name of her love interest made me LOVE this lady even more (LOL). Back to her look, she wore all white everything, from head to toe. She matched her handbag to her sunglasses with a monochrome touch to her look. 

Kelly Rowland is on the right path to fitness after having her first child

Kelly Rowland looks AMAZING almost a year after giving birth to her first born son Titan with husband Tim Witherspoon. The "Motivation" singer looks absolutely gorgeous and her smile and svelte physique are well deserved.  She is photographed after she steps out the gym with her trainer and friend Jeanette Jenkins by her side. 

Nicole Scherzinger looks super sexy as she heads to dinner in Beverly Hills

Nicole Scherzinger is stunning in a form fitting dress as she steps in Cecconi's restaurant for a tasty meal. Were glad to report that Nicole was in a great mood as she was spotted by the cameras and heading into the venue. 

Cher Lloyd is a LOVELY human being

The UK bork singer is a sweetheart with a giving soul, the warm hearted singer gives her all of herself to the photographers and fans alike. The star attended the BCBG event held at Gracias Madres in Melrose the other night and made new fans and friends with everyone that came in contact with her and her winning personality. 

Lily Collins wears a t-shirt that says Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It as she look scute on her outing in Los Angeles

Lily is a sweetheart and makes the day look better as she expresses her love of GANGSTA music emblazoned on her top. She wears short shorts with a flannel long sleeve that wrapped around her waist, and ankle boots. She carries her groceries after her purchase and heads to her vehicle after being spotted by photographers. 

CASSIE steps out in short shorts in Beverly Hills

Didy's main chick steps out in Beverly Hills and looks FIT as her short shorts showcase her assets. The model and singer heads to an appointment as she highlights her physique and strolls to the location. 

Looking GREAT Cassie...

Khloe Kardashian steps out with her new hair color in Los Angeles

Khloe Kardashian reveals new hairstyle as she heads to her SUV after a 5 hour session in the salon. The fact that the end results are looking great, makes it worth the wait for all the cameramen that opted to stay for this photo of the youngest Kardashian ladies. 

Kendall Jenner is fashion forward model

Kendall Jenner is carving her own niche in the fashion world and she's fit as she accentuates her physique in form fitting pants. She looks stylish in a white button down and completing her look with Miu Miu skate sandals.  She is truly making her mark in the world of fashion and doing it well. 

Jenna Dewan Tatum is a HAPPY woman in Los Angeles

The lovely Jenna Dewan Tatum steps out with her BEAUTIFUL baby girl in tow as she runs errands for the day. Her husband Channing Tatum has the latest installment of Magic Mike in theaters and she seems very content and satisfied with her LIFE at this moment. 
The MAGIC must be REAL.

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Emma Roberts gets PUMPED in Beverly Hills

Emma Roberts is seen pumping petrol in her SUV in Beverly Hills on a sunny LA day. The Scream Queens star is looking lovely in form fitting denim and striped top as she does her thing on this outing. 

Eva Longoria loooks great leaving dinner at Ago in West Hollywood

All comments are welcome...

The beautiful Eva Longoria looks happy after enjoying her evening eats and looking superfine on her exit of the venue. 
We LOVE to see you smiling Eva...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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